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How to Setup a Solar Power System

The proper solar power system has several essential components. I will try to point you in the right direction to make sure you have right size and quality parts of your system.

First we will start with a actual panels, the amount of panels you will require will be directly related to the amount electronics or power you require and the amount of solar exposure in your geographic area. All solar panel vendors should have the statistic for solar exposure in your area. This information will help to determine the complete wattage of the panels you will require.

The second component you will need to have is solar charge controller. The solar charge controller will regulate the voltage output you will be using in your system. You the most part you will be using a 12 or 24 volt power bank, so you will need to set your charge controller accordingly. You will connect the solar charge controller to your panels and to your direct current  power bank.

All the solar power that your pulling will be then used to charge your power bank. This will most of the time be direct current battery bank. Depending on the amount of wattage you are acquiring through your panels you will want to make sure that the battery bank is large enough to take full advantage of all the current you have. The last thing you would want is to be pulling in more power then you battery bank can handle. Solar panels are very expensive but automotive batteries are not, therefore if your panels can keep ten batteries fully charged you would want to only have four.

The last component of your system will be your DC to AC power inverter. Your will need a dc to ac power inverter to invert the direct current you will have in your battery bank to standard ac current used with your household devices. The size of the dc to ac power inverter will be directly related to the amount of electronics you are looking to run or the overall amperage of the desired system.



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