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Rechargeable batteries are currently the best method to store electrical energy. The issue is they only store direct current or dc power.  Direct current holds it polarity constant. If you supplied direct current to standard electronics you would short circuit them. To power standard household devices you need AC power or alternating current. Alternating current switches polarity at a rate of 60 cycles per second. It would be impossible to manually switch the polarity of the direct current system without a circuit system known as an inverter. By using a dc to ac power inverter system you can now open...

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What DC to AC Power Inverters Do? DC to AC Power Inverters take direct current from a battery and inverts power into alternating current or standard household current which allows you to power household items. Many mobile systems such and trucks and recreational vehicles use power inverters to power electronics off their batteries.  

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When using a solar power based charger, such as solar panels you will require some sort of voltage regulator to controller the outputting voltage. This type of voltage regulator is commonly known as a solar charge controller. The size of the system or amount of panels will determine the amperage requirement of the controller. Every solar power home system will require some sort of direct current power reserve, usually in the form of 12 volt or 24 volt battery bank. Therefore you can set your voltage regulator at 12 volts or 24 volts. A full size home electrical panel will...

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Using a power inverter as a dc to ac converter. With the use of a 12 volt or 24 volt power inverter you can convert direct current to alternating current to power standard devices. If you have a mobile application in a truck or if you want to use an off grid home backup, you can use a power inverter as a dc to ac converter.

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My application is home office with primary power source being solar charging to battery, then an inverter to provide house/office power from batteries. When battery levels drops below voltage required to provide power, need it to switch into line power mode and at a set time (after sunset) to switch the battery to full charge mode. At sunrise the inverter needs to switch back to battery again. This could also be done by simply switching OFF (to Line power)at 10.5 (or as low as possible where it could still provide full power to outlets) and switching ON(battery) at 12.5 volts....

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